PIE adhesion

I’ve had bed adhesion issues with my SV06+ to the extant that I was visited by the spaghetti monster. After removing the excess PLA from everything I could I restarted my machine so I could figure what was wrong and a few questions arose.

  1. What is the best method to service the PIE plate??
  2. What needs to be done to the nozzle sock to keep it in place??
  3. Is there any updated file for the bed heater cable stress relief??

Thanks in Advance

I just replied to another thread about my experiences with their PEI sheet and adhesion. I personally think some are defective or subpar quality. Before you jump to that conclusion and reach out to Sovol, you should try cleaning with soap and water and maybe 99% alcohol. This will help get any build up and oil off. If it doesn’t stick after that and your z offset is perfect you may be in the same boat as me.

1: Clean the PEI plate with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Most people use a paper towel, I find an old sock works well for me (I cut the foot part off & use the upper part).
Do not clean the bed while it’s hot, it will ruin it & it will no longer work. Clean it only after the temp is 45* and under.

2: The sock doesn’t fit the heatblock right & hangs down on the thermistor/heater side.
You have to cut part of it away on the left upper corner for the wires to fit through.

3: The stress relief for the SV06 works fine on the Plus.
Heatbed Cable Support for SOVOL SV06 / SV06+

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I also have problems with adhesion. I cleaned it so often the printed lines and logo are vanishing nothing will hold on it. Now I use a glue stick and it works. It’s not the best method to print but for the moment it’s Good.
I think it’s not a good surface quality they use

My plate held PLA without glue exactly twice and then, even after cleaning it with soap, water and 91% alcohol, the print would fail about 5 to 7 layers into the print job.

Now I just put down glue stick every time and don’t try to print otherwise.

I tryed a lot in last time. My best way to become now a very good adhesion is to clean it only wit water an dishwasher / detergent nothing else! After cleaning I heat up the plate for about 5-10 before I start. Also I have reduced the space between bed and nozzle. I use thin paper not the normal paper where you write on it to measure the high. Also what I do is the initial layer flow set to 120%. I can show you a picture how my first layer looks like since I do it like described