Hot bed starts heating the moment I turn the printer on

My bed starts heating immediately without any commands. Updated the firmware to 1.1.0, no change. I can see the temp rising on the screen even though it is set to zero like both hot ends, also I can home the machine, no problem, disabled the steppers to level the z axis with the leveling blocks then when I move z+ to get off the blocks the 1st extruder heads to home at a snails pace and starts stalling the stepper against home position. Maybe time for a new main board?

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It seems this happens when the printer is on for a while. Shut it down from the first problem then turned it back on and the bed immediately starts heating. Shut it off came back to it after a couple of hours and everything seemed fine so started leveling the bed, offsetting the 3d touch and leveling the 2nd extruder. After a couple of manual leveling and auto leveling I hit the home button, which I’ve done many times already, and it starts the snail pace in the y+ which is away from the home position and it kept going and I shut the power off before it stalled out the stepper. Seems like the board is bad. Thanks for any help.


Hello gv71,
First confirm the customer’s hot bed automatic heating is not a motherboard problem
1, in the shutdown state, first in the motherboard end of the hot bed line removed, refer to the picture.
Then turn on the machine, use a multimeter to detect the location in the picture there is no 24 V DC voltage output?
There is 24v output, the motherboard is damaged.
No 24v output, the hot bed board is damaged.

Therefore, you need to contact our customer service and provide those test results.
They will reissue the replacement to you.
Sovol official website:
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