Help on print not sticking

Hi my son is having some issues with his prints and I’m hoping we can get some help. His prints are sticking to the bed in the beginning but then starts to come off and then his prints are ruined. Is there a way to get the print to stick to the bed better?

What material is he printing with? PLA? PETG?
At what temperature do you keep the bed during printing?

Another solution is to use washable school glue stick (it’s cheap). You can apply a thin layer of this glue.

But it shouldn’t be needed if the printer is properly tuned and the slicer is properly set up.

He is using PLA. He has the bed temp at 90.

So in the beginning of the print it sticks and about halfway it will get detached from the bed. Not sure why

Wow it’s a hot bed and your picture is showing sign of warping at the base of the print that can happen when you set your bed temperature at the glass transition temperature of your filament.
90C is too high for PLA
PLA should be printed on a bed at 60C.
So that’s my first advise.

Also, what is the temperature of the nozzle when you print? I should be around 200C plus or minus 10C.

If it still doesn’t fix the issue, my reflex would be to check the following:

  1. How well leveled the bed is to the extruder.
    Doing the paper thickness test on the spot where you are trying to print. The extruder should lightly grab and touch the paper but the paper should still be able to move freely under the extruder.

  2. Clean your bed with Isopropyl Alcohol even if it looks clean to the eye.

  3. Print the first layer at a lower speed.
    Do you know what is your current printing speed on the slicer for your first layer?
    If you have it set at 50 or 60 mm/s then I would lower it to 20 mm/s

Let us know if I’m not clear on my 3 steps approach but this should take care of 95% of the issues.

And the Glue stick is always possible as a last resort as I previously mentioned.

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Ok I’m going to have him try your tips. Thank you so much for the info. Maybe it’s my fault because I told him to put the bed at a hotter temp because our house gets cold. But we will try out what u said today when he gets home and I will give u an update. Thank you again!

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Hey so we tried it and it worked once but now it does this

Hello Jgrl808

  1. What model of your machine? print pla does not need such a high hot bed temperature, generally at 50-60 degrees, nozzle temperature at 195-210.
  2. Suggest re-leveling try to reduce the bottom printing speed to 15, the skirt will be changed to birm; and then reduce the printing speed, at about 55-60
  3. If the glass plate printing, you can properly add some solid glue or paper
  4. This is also related to the poor filament, it is recommended to replace a filament
    Thank you
    Best regards
    Sovol Team

We use the Amazon brand filament which we always have used with our other 3d printer and it always printed fine. We have never had a problem with it till this printer. We also used ur brand that came with the printer and it did the same thing. This is very frustrating because we have wasted so much filament and time. Please help so we can get some successful prints.

We also tried printing with the bed at a lower temp and it didn’t stick. Oh and could you let me know about the fan speed too. Ty

We tried everything you said and still doing the same thing?

I can’t help but wonder if you have competed the Z offset when the bed is trying to level.

Have you tried to run the steps to level the bed and validate it with a piece of paper?

My son did level the bed but I’m not sure how to do the paper thing. Is there something we can watch or if you could tell us how to do it that would be helpful. Sorry so much trouble. Thank u

Sure thing.

First, I found this page in document from the SOVOL team on the SV03.
That will show you how to get there.
Here the idea is to adjust the offset until you can feel the nozzle barely touching a piece of paper (between the bed and the nozzle). You should be able to move freely the paper under the nozzle while feeling the nozzle lighting touching the paper.
Once done, make sure to Store your settings or you will lose everything when you power down the printer.

To explain the principal and more, I found this video on YouTube.
However, this video is showing a lot of details by going through the GCode. You don’t need that since you can do it from the screen on your printer.
So you can start the video at 3M25sec if you want and he will show what I was trying to explain.
Once you have your Z Offset figured out, make sure to store it in the printer.

I hope this helps

Thank you so much. Sorry so many questions. We had a smaller 3D printer the flash forge that wasn’t so hard to set up. This is much more intense. lol. Thank you for ur help we will do this tonight and try a print again. Ty!!!

Ok so we did the leveling of the bed and did all the corners. So how do u figure out the z offset do u just guess?

Here is a video I found that the Sovol Team did to explain it.
You just need to follow these steps, but yes you need to feel the grip the nozzle has on a piece of paper.

I’m guessing that this wasn’t done, and it resulted it in the nozzle being too high on the first layer which will cause the issue you described


Ok so I did all of that and it seemed a lot better. My son is driving me nuts because I told him to pick an easy print to test it out and he chooses this frog with a mustache and I think he said the mustache is kind of floating so it messed up on that. Everything was going good till that. So I’m going to pick the print for him to test. He said he needs to add supports for the mustache part :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: So I am going to try again today.

Thank you so much for all ur help.

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