Hello, help for sovol 04

Hello, I have a problem. My printer during printing, beeps, stops and a warning appears on the display. first with "Click
Yes to heat andchange filament or No to stop print. “And immediately after this” Manually change filament, click Yes to continue or ". sensor symbol works I apologize, I’m Italian and I write with translator thanks if help


Updated press and touch firmware

The warning prompt you mentioned generally appear when filament are used up or a false alarm caused by fault.
You can refer to the video material interruption detection troubleshooting section to check, Sovol SV01 3D Printer Troubleshooting: Filament Sensor, Hotbed Leveling & Z OFFSET and Extruder Kit - YouTube
Tell me if it works for you or not.

Hello, I checked the sensor. I sent all the details to your email info@sovol3d.com I bought the printer from Amazon, with extended warranty. replacing the thread sensor with that of extruder 2 works. I have always had this problem. Does the warranty cover the thread sensor?

Yes, the warranty cover the filament senor. You need to send the video showing the problem, then the order id and manufacturing code to that email. The customer service will help you.

Yes, I sent an email to this address and also through Amazon, is info@sovol3d.com correct? otherwise, being the first printer, where can I find the code of the machine? thanks for the help! I am a technology journalist, I will soon be making a very positive review of my Sovol 04, then send links to you, if you like! below I put the link of the first job done with your printer! Cammy White Street Fighter action figure😊

There is a qr code under the hotbed, which is the code. That email info@sovol3d.com is correct. Also, you can send email to our Amazon. No matter which one is okay. We’ll check and respond to you quickly.
It is our pleasure if you like to make a positive review for Sovol 04. :grin:
Your printing is amazing. I like it! :star_struck: