Does your filament detector work?

Does everyone’s filament detector work? I’ve replaced the detector it self, the motherboard and upgraded the firmware but it still doesn’t work. I wanted to see if anyone else’s works.

Hi @3DBigJames

Mine seems to work. I guess I have yet to see what exactly happens when the filament breaks during a print job as I have only had it a couple months. My previous Ender3 would beep fairly loud, so when the filament broke and I was in the next room, I knew something needed attention.

I would make sure the wiring from the detectors to the motherboard didn’t have any breaks by checking with an ohm meter and if good, I would make sure they are inserted into the correct plug on the motherboard. I have yet to open up my printer to see the motherboard to know if my last suggestion is even possible to be plugged into a different plug. Just guessing on my part.

So, does your printer not work at all because it thinks there is no filament, or does it not stop during a print if the filament breaks?