Heat break retaning screws

I have been forced to cut the screws holding the hot end to the heat sink,plastic had got in the treads and i striped the hex head trying to remove them, does anyone know what size they are? very small I am guessing M1.5/M2?


a pair comes in each retail packed hotend

on a plus the are aligned correctly, on a 6, correct tightening places a lare bending load on the heatbreak neck, a shim, perhaps a couple rectangular prusa magnets… allows these to be fully snuggged.

the heatbreak to hotend block, that 6mm, they don’t plan for that to be undone.

If you take creep seriously, as we all do, you purchase titanium screws, and red fiberwashers :nerd_face:

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Sry, 10mm long

If you have experienced heatbreak rich screws…

stripped threads for the traditional folk, the amazon has helicoil kits to restore the 2.5