I went to update the Sovol SV07 firmware and my displey stopped working (black screen).
Is there a way to recover the system?
Can you help me?

Here is a link, I used it when I still used their controller. I replaced it with a Bigtree tech pad 7.

Dear, good afternoon!

I’m having difficulty executing the system restore, PUTTY after entering is returning a message as shown in the photo below, I can’t move forward.

Can someone help me?


Americo Rocio de Ameixa.


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It looks like you are at a system or recovery prompt. Can you enter “ls” and get a directory listing.

The controller runs an operating system called Linux. It is similar to the command prompt you would use on your windows PC.

What are you trying to accomplish on the controller that you had to access it?

Dear, good afternoon!

I went to update the firmware of the sovol SV07 Plus and my displey no longer appears images and it has two solid green LEDs.

After a lot of research I came to this forum (, but I can’t get past this step in PUTTY, the files are already on the pendrive to boot the printer.

I just need to access the printer to boot.

Is there another way other than PUTTY??

Yours sincerely,

Americo Rocio de Ameixa.


Cel.: (27) 98139-7947

So, if I remember correctly (I’m in my car in a parking lot) you add the image to an add card with the file name they give you, then turn on the controller, wait a bit then place the thumb drive in the controller and wait a few minutes. If that does not work it is bricked and will need to be reflashed. You will need a usb-c cable for this or an emmc to usb adaptor.

I went through this mess also, there are more problems with the mki processor than I have time to mention here. I moved to the Bigtree tech pad 7. Not sure in your country, but I got mine on Amazon for 116.00usd. Wasn’t hard to set up…

Friend, do you mean that I have to buy another printer?

I have no way to recover this?

Is there no one who can help in these cases?

I paid R$2,800.00 for a printer and I have no way of getting support?


I appreciate your commitment in wanting to help me.

Americo Rocio de Ameixa.


Cel.: (27) 98139-7947

No, not necessarily. The only part of the printer that is bad at this point is the controller.

You have a few options, but it can be fixed.

  1. follow the directions to re-flash the controller.
    You can find the files and a video here

1a) if it is bricked, being it gives you a prompt you can re-flash the emmc. This requires a bit more work but can be done. You would need to take 2 screws out of the emmc board located on the controller board in the box with the screen on it.

  1. contact Sovol and tell them the controller is dead. They should send a new one. (I don’t know your warranty situation, I’m assuming you are still under warranty)

  2. do as some of us have done and just replace the controller with a BTT Pad 7. I added a picture to show you what it looks like and to show you it works.

Friend, good morning!
Is the problem only with the controller?
Does buying another one solve the problem?
Or will I have to buy the motherboard too?
I confess that I don’t understand much about hardware.

Only the controller is bad. If you contact Sovol they should replace it. They will want a picture of the serial number that should be located near the front on top of the machine.

Friend, good afternoon!
If you put the pendrive in the printer and then turn it on, the screen comes back, but it is only operational through the pendrive.

Sounds like the operating system is broken. It will need to be reflashed. I seem to remember seeing a way to do this with a usb-c cable. I am sorry as I don’t have that info in front of me at the moment. I will look for it and post it tonight .

Good morning!
If the problem is the operating system, I understand that the problem is with the board.
Am I right?