Fail to home Z axis

Ever since I got the SV06+, it would randomly fail to home the Z-axis. By that I mean that after it homes the X and Y axes, it will start to lower the Z, and will stop before it reaches the bottom, then raise slightly (as if it thought it reached the bottom), and then as it is lowering the second time, it will crash the whole printer. The error message is:

Auto-Home failed!
Restart Printer!Check wiring
on end stop switches and
stepper motors for damage
or disconnection.

It beeps and displays the above message. The light for the homing sensor never turns off/blinks, so I believe it may be more of a firmware issue. It also seems more likely after a reset, when the printer thinks that 0mm height is higher than it actually is. Has anyone else had this problem?

My problem is that it thinks 0 is below the print bed