Downloading software

I can’t find the software to download to be able to print things for our new SV06. Can anyone share the link? I’m a total newbie.

To get it to work replace these lines:


def replace_define(field, value):
found_define = None
for define in env[‘CPPDEFINES’]:
if define[0] == field:
found_define = define
if found_define:
env[‘CPPDEFINES’].append((field, value))


I used this video as a reference to speed up bed leveling. The stock bed leveling takes way too long:

I think I went over board there:

All you need is to download “*.stl” files from the Internet from someplace like “Thingiverse” or “Printables”.

Those files represent the 3D object that is to be printed. Otherwise you will need to make 3D stl files using CAD software or Blender.

The software is called a “Slicer” the most popular ones are “Cura” and “Prusa”. You will need to learn how to use the “slicer” to convert the “.stl" files into ".gcode” files. Place the “*.gcode” files into a micro sd card, and plug that into the printer. Then you can select the file to print using the menu on the printer.