Delivery times to US

What is the expected delivery time to the U.S. for the hardened steel nozzles? Are they on back order? I ordered some around the end of May and I am wondering how long I will have to wait to print some of these abrasive filaments.

I believe they are shipping them by air, then handing them off to FedEx for domestic (for me) delivery. My brass nozzles arrived fairly fast, but they came out of the LA warehouse.

When I ordered my SV06 Plus, it took a long time, but I can’t use that as a guide because that was a pre-order situation, so of course it took a while to ship it out.

I ordered the hardened nozzles on the day they were announced and it took about 1.5 months to get to me. Ordered a spare extruder head assembly at the same time, figuring it would save me time if (when) something broke again in the head. If you can afford to do it, it’s worth it…

I plan to order a spare soon. What I see a need for is the silicone sock. The first time I changed the nozzle, I got a little tear in the sock. It’s a tight squeeze between the heat block and the fan shroud.