Changing purge settings at print start

The purge at the start of printing is interfering with the brim.
I would like to know how to change the position and length of the purge at the start.

You can do it in the starting gcode of your slicer.

My slicer is Cura5.0.0, which I downloaded from SOVOL’s official website.

How can I change the purge settings on the slicer?

Purges are not displayed in slice result previews. I think if the purge was generated by a slicer, it would show up in the slicer preview.

So, I think the purge was generated by the SV06’s firmware, not the slicer software.

You are wrong.
There are always sequences named start and end gcode which are not visible in the preview and executed as their name indicates at the start and end of the print. These sequences are defined in the slicer and depend on the printer.
Here are the explanations :

Look at this video to modify yours :

Thank you.

After watching the video, I was able to understand how to set it up.

The default purge positions were 10.1mm and 10.4mm, so I changed them to 0.1mm and 0.4mm.

Then the purge position changed to near the left edge of the plate.

This will reduce interference with the model.

Glad this was able to help you.
Anyway, don’t put your purge line too close to the edge as you do.