Can't connect to my WIFI

I can’t get my SV07 to connect to my WIFI. Is this a known issue?
Could this be a region issue? I am located in Germany.

Screenshot 2023-07-09 212805

I know some versions of Klipper will not let you have special characters in wifi name.
If Young Pada-LAN is your wifi it might be because of the - in the name.

had this same issue with my printer. had to join it to a test wifi network and it was fine. only thing I can see is that it connected to 2.4 on the test network and everything on my primary is 5gh.

Same here. Although the only network I can see is whatever network that was configured on the klipper terminal. There is no option to change. I even tried sending a command through the console. I am using a class A network. I thought it might have been my mesh router, switch to older router. My default gateway is Hopefully you can see the screenshot.

Not able to connect to my SV07, either. Gone through the WiFi setup on the Klipper panel multiple times. I always end up successfully connected to my network, which has nothing but letters in its name, but I can’t ping it from the PC and Cura can’t talk to it.

Im having same problem … cant find any wifi networks . some times it see one unknown network but nothing . any one know how to fix this . new to klipper .

Ditto. Printer says I’m connected but PC can’t find it.

I’m the same problem. I change my wlan name and my pass but it don’t connect with the router.
I test to connect to my iPhone wlan and it connect at first time.
Anyone can help me?


Same here… !
I have tryied everything no lie and im getting pretty mad over this shit…
Many hours have i tryied now.
My Sv07 is on my ruter but when i try on ultimaker Cura it canot find the printer for one thing.
The nekst shitty thing is the guiedence on what to do when Sv07 does not apere on github.
Yes there are som utube videos where someone remove som files and what not but it does not take one step by step…
all this combined makes it no fun at all.
i do not know were to go from here and trust me i have tryied.

1: restatet ruter… no luck.
2:installed differ versions of ultimaker… no luck.
3: removed my firewall…no luck
4: used a differ browser… no luck…

Why release a new printer without a propper manual and userble firmware with slicer build in it,
My first china model 3d printer was easy firmware all the way, but the printer was shitty…

There are room for enhancement…