Can e-steps be adjusted on the SV04?

After running through some calibration exercises, I’ve discovered that my e-steps are off by a bit. I don’t see a method of adjusting the value via the screen using the most recent firmware. Is there an easy way to do this that I’m being blind to? Thanks!

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The way I do it is by using Pronterface and a USB cable to connect the printer to my computer.
Once, you have the connection through the terminal, you can enter your new esteps and save it.
So for example, if your estep was 653 then the following command will load it
M92 E653
Then to save it, you enter M500.

One comment though, if your printer was well calibrated before and now it’s not, something else is going on. Updating Estep would help but it won’t last and it will come back.
I had a similar issue and found that I had a clog in my PTFE tube (right before the nozzle). That happened when I changed from PETG to PLA Filaments. So it’s good to purge the materials if you haven’t and the purge filament are cheap on amazon. The other option is to replace the PFTE tube and the Sovol team has a good video on this.

I hope this helps

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The printer is mostly new and I’m running the basic calibrations I run on all of my printers when I get them. The e-steps it was programmed with aren’t off by much, but that’s why I go through all of the effort to get things as close to perfect as I can. Looks like I’ll be learning Pronterface - thanks!

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Did you have to do anything special to connect? I tried pronterface and repetier with 2 different cables. Even downloaded the source to see that its at 115200 and cant connect

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Hello ShreddinPB,

You most likely have an issue with the driver.

When you connect your printer to you computer, open ‘Device Manager’.

If your printer is properly connected to you computer, you should see this

If not, then you just need to update the drivers and that should take care of it.

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Mine was showing up as “RAMPS” so I figured that was correct…