BL Touch repeatability

I have noticed that I can run the “Measuring” step of the leveling tools and get very different results running them back-to-back. I did this 3 consecutive time without a heated bed and got the following results:

.089 .024 .044 .142
.059 -.010 -.007 .029
.037 .017 .032 .082
.139 .042 .019 .054

.097 .027 .027 .127
.047 -.022 -.017 .022
.027 .017 .009 .074
.132 .042 -.012 .009

.129 .067 .049 .159
.074 .027 -.005 .042
.049 .017 .042 .122
.169 .072 .022 .052

Hi Kwoodsl

It looks like you need to re-magnetize the Pin and Screw of your BLTouch.

I have never done it (because I didn’t need to), but I have heard of this issue.

There are a lot of information online about this.

Just google for this and you will find people that explains this.

I know some people just place a strong magnet next to there BLT for 24hr and it fixes it.

Let me know if it works for you!

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This looks very hard to get to the BL Touch on the SV04. Are there any instuctions/videos for this? Will Sovol replace this if the magentizing does not work?

1、The unit of measurement value is mm, without leveling, it is normal that the value of each measurement is not the same.
2, only need to level well, save the data can be, if necessary, through the leveling nut for fine adjustment can be.
No need to level before each print.
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Sovol Team

I was referring to the “Measuring” on your leveling menu. And that IS part of your leveling steps, not sure what the unit of measurement has anything to do with it, but you would expect some consistency in the values of the BL Touch.

Hello kwoodsl
It is normal for this value to vary. These values reflect the flatness of various parts of the hot bed, and a certain z-direction compensation will be made when printing the model according to the flatness of the hot bed.
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