BL touch failed at start of the print and poke a hole in the Hot Bed and Build Surface Sheet


today I printed some models to improve my stringing settings with PETG.
After I started another print, I heard that my Sovol SV01 Pro started beeping and went to see, what is wrong. I saw, that there was an error warning on the Screen stating: “Auto-Home failed! The printer needs to be reset.”

It seems like the BLTouch failed at the beginning of the print, when the printer Auto-Home itself.
Unfortunately, the Printer head went into the Heating Bed not stopping and burning a hole in the Build Surface Sheet and poking a hole in the Heating Bed:

After a restart, the Auto-home functioned again.
I have never seen this before and I’m concerned, that this could happen anytime again.
Also I’m concerned of the safety issue of this printer now.

Does anybody know, if something like this falls under the warranty of the printer?
I wouldn’t want to buy another Heating Bed + Build Surface Sheet, knowing this accident could occur any other time.

regards Demadig

Here is a picture of the poked hole in the Heating Bed: