Bed concave /warped/ bending

Has anyone else had an issue with the heated bed warping in the center so it cannot be leveled?

I was going to replace it with a 3/16" piece of aluminum but once I took the adjuster wheels off I noticed its not going to be that easy as the heating traces are molded right to the plate… I think I may ad a 3/16" piece ontop of the 1/8" factory bed to see haow it works. a co-worker just got a new prusa and I don’t think he has this problem haha

Sovol what is under the foil insulation on the underside?

hi @Horsen

The heat bed is welded with heating tubes and thermistor wires, therefore, it is not recommended to change the heat bed by yourself, otherwise it may cause damage to the heat bed.

By the way you mentioned that the middle of the heat bed is warping , can you provide relevant pictures or video for reference? Thanks.