Adjusting incorrect thermistor values

I’m currently running into an issue where I am getting incorrect values on my thermistor. I swapped my heat block previously and installed a new one, but kept the original wires. After doing so my temperature went from +/- 5 degrees to +/- 7 and the fan would trigger thermal runaway. I attempted to readjust several times but the same variation remained with the same thermal runaway issue. That said the temperatures remained accurate.

I had seen people recommending thermal paste for this so I applied some thermal paste to the hole the thermistor goes in and it took my variation down to about a half a degree in either direction. The thermal runaway was also no longer being triggered by the fan. Awesome, but when I went to print I was running into issues. I checked the temperature again and saw the actual temp was way lower than the reported temp. I did some readings and saw that for every 10 degrees it was reported to rise, it would only rise ~8, converging at my room temp of 30 which was accurate.

I don’t have a multimeter, but where it’s relatively predictable I think I should just need to change a value for the resistance by about 20%. That said I’m not fully sure on where to adjust it. It looks like you may need to adjust the firmware itself and while I can attempt to do this I haven’t seen where to adjust the values. Any guidance on where to adjust this or the correct way to adjust it would be appreciated. I would rather just tune the printer and avoid replacing the thermistor and hot end.

Here are the values of I mapped out:

According to the temperature trend, the deviation is relatively large, you can consider replacing the thermistor.

You could measure whether the resistance of the nozzle thermistor is normal with a multimeter, is it about 100k ohms?
(Measurement method: rotate the multimeter gear to the 200KΩ gear, and the positive and negative poles of the multimeter are on the terminals of the thermistor line. Refer to the picture, the nozzle thermistor is the same as the hot bed thermistor.)