ABS slight delamination only on corners


I’m having trouble with slight delamination on the corners of ABS prints, it’s only very slight and for functional prints would not be an issue, but for prints that need to be aesthetically pleasing it doesn’t look good. The parts are going in the cabin of a car so PLA etc will probably deform in the summer.

I’m using eSun ABS plus (head 220c - 260c, bed 90c - 100c).

I’ve tried printing in an enclosure at 230C, 260C & 265C with the bed at 100C each time (the temp in the enclosure is between 35C & 40C whilst printing), I’ve also tried printing speeds of 60, 100 & 120 all with the same result.

Below are a couple of pictures showing the issue, any ideas to resolve this would be welcome.

The best result so far was 265C with a speed of 120 (the second picture ABS 001). I printed a circular print to see what happens without any corners and it came out fine.

I’ve ordered some PETG to use if I can’t get this resolved.


Are you using any kind of glue. I have had good experience with PVA glue and Magigoo.

Thanks for your reply,

I managed to solve the issue by turning off Adaptive Layers, slowing down the print speed to 60 and using UHU glue stick.

Still get the occasional curling on large prints, but using a raft normally resolves this.

A freshly cleaned & glued bed usually helps as well.