Trouble printing flat items

Hi all.
I hope this is the right place to seek help.
I very recently bought the SV06 as my first 3D printer.
Ive spent a few days reading online and printing a few things.
Overall I’ve been really happy with the results but today I have had some issues.
I have started printing some LED light panels with black PLA as the drame and white PLA as fronts/diffusers.
All the black parts printed very well but only 1 of the white diffusers has printed properly.
These items are triangular printed facedown and the texture of the build plate gives a very nice finish.
The first diffuser completed successfully, but all subsequent attempts have resulted in 1 or more corners raised from the print bed.
All prints were with the same default settings from Cura, extruder temp 70 and bed temp 60.
I clean the print sufrace after each print with Isopropyl alcohol.
I have also tried raising temps once with extruder at 90 and bed at 70. The results were very similar.
I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I’ve read lots of suggestions online and it’s very confusing.
Thanks for reading.

That effect is known as “warping”. It is a result of temperature differences & material shrinkage. The solutions are to increase bed adhesion & to lower temperature differences.
Besides from bed cleaning & degreasing checking correct bed leveling could help.
On my printers the best results came from adding brim, increasing first layer flow, reducing layer height & adjusting fan settings. Adding extra adhesion spots to the corners of the 3d model (like mickey mouse ears of 1mm height) helped when printing big massive objects.


Thank you for taking time to reply, I appreciate your input.
I had searched for info on warping previously and will do so again among other things.
I was confused because the first print of that model printed really well but all subsequent attempts were poor in comparison. No changes were made between the prints.
I am tesing a print now and hopefully things improve.

Hi John,
besides from different room temperatures the wear of the PEI coated build plate might be an explanation: From my personal experience this type of print bed tends to loose its adhesion from print to print quite fast. Maybe rotating your object iot get different corner positions could be sufficient for the next prints. I switched my PEI printbed with a 1mm FR4 / GFK / Epoxy plate and got rid of most adhesion issues.

Hi Bjoern.
I understand that many factors can influence the quality of a print.
I was delighted when I first set up the SV06. It was so easy to assemble, and the first test print was pretty good.

I couldn’t explain why after the diffuser prints were all bad after the almost perfect first 1.
I did test different temperatures and settings but had no real positive outcome.

Today I went over all the printer bolts, making sure everything was assmebled properly, and started from the begining setting up bed level and Z offset.
When settings were complete I started a print and left it running as I went out to do some life things. I also added “mouse ears” :slight_smile:

When I got home the print had completed and I was very happy with the result.

I really appreciate your advice and I shall continue to learn.
Many thanks.

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Well done & thanks for your feed-back.