Wrong firmware on Kilpper Screen upgrade?

I’ve got my Klipper Screen installed on my SV06+. I think I got the SV06 firmware on my USB drive with the kit.

After flashing the firmware on the card, the Z homing only goes within 50mm of the top of the frame. Bed leveling only does the grid on an 8"x8" section of the 12x12 bed.

Does anyone know where to get the Kilpper version of the SV06+ firmware?

Bonus question - What’s the SSH password for the Klipper screen?

I can’t help with the other quesstions but I did read somewhere the SSH credentials for the Sovol Klipper screen are Username: mks Password: makerbase. I don’t have a screen to test, but give it a try.

That username/password worked. I’m gonna try to build the kilpper image on the screen itself.

I’m having the same problem, what fo you mean exactly by build the Klipper image?

I was looking at this procedure : GitHub - bassamanator/Sovol-SV06-firmware at sv06-plus

I’ve opted against trying it, simply because the Klipper screen for SV06Plus is now shipping. I expect to see the official files posted soon, which I assume should be the least amount of work.

I solved my problem by downloading the correct firmware for the 6 plus with Klipper from Soval.
[Sovol Klipper Screen]

scroll down and you will see the firmware, which is posted on Google docs.
[SV06 Plus Klipper Screen Firmware - Google Drive]

BTW, I tried numerous times to update the firmware using the right USB port on the Klipper screen, just for the heck of it, I unplugged the USB that goes from the klipper screen to the control module on the Soval 6 +, and it worked.
Not sure if I missed that in the instructions somewhere or what. Good luck

This worked for me! Thanks!

My mistake is that I was looking on Sovol’s Download page for the files, not the Klipper screen product page.