What is the process for setting up printer to use Borosilicate glass plate?

What is the process for setting up printer to use Borosilicate glass plate?

I have tried many things and no matter what, the print head crashes into the glass.

I setup the Home point with the PEI plate as being 10mm above the plate. Auto leveled everything, returned to home. Took off PEI plate and put on glass plate. Printer head returns to home automatically but, instead of being the height I set it for it crashes into the glass. How do setup the printer?


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A metal plate (PEI, PEO etc.) is essential, otherwise the inductive detector finds nothing and the head continues to descend. So glass plate to be avoided. Use the back of the PEI plate which is rather very smooth

Thanks for the response, I was thinking the same thing so thanks for confirming that.

Is it officially supported to use the back of the provided PEI plate, and why would you want to ?

To have a very smooth surface, not difficult to understand

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The reason I ask is because the bottom side of the sheet is not PEI coated - so you will be printing straight onto bare spring steel.

Not something I would be doing, especially with something sticky like PETG.

1- Rude??? where did you see that? we must not have the same dictionary!
2- I print TPU, ASA, PLA and of course PETG on the smooth surface and it works very well! maybe you should try


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