Using lightburn to control a SV04

I’ve been trying to control my Sovol sv04 with the Sovol 5 watt laser via Lightburn. It will move the laser correctly, but the laser doesn’t turn on. Anyone have any ideas?

Hello, the Problem for the Laser is lightburn Take M3 and M5 for Laser on and Off. Sovol Take M106 and M 107 for this. You can Open the gcode File in Notepad or Other Texteditor and change IT with search and replace.

I will try that.

Thanks for the reply.

The best Prog. For that ist Notepad++ there you can make a Makro so you Mist save the. Gcode in lightburn Open the File in Notepad++ create a Makro at First time incl. Save. Save the Makro with a shortcut and next time you Open a Gcode File you only have to Press the shortcut and all is ready to engrave.