So-02 4in 1 stops randomly

I have the sovol so-2 with 10W laser and LightBurn as control software.

Since the beginning, it comes again and again to disturbances that the laser simply breaks off during the cut and no longer continues. Depending on the power it stops after a few seconds or minutes, but in the debug console there is no output about an error or alarm.

In other forums you can often read that the chips on the motherboard can get too warm and it comes to a reset of the entire control unit. The installation of additional heat sinks unfortunately did not have the desired result.

Also the use of different USB cables to exclude a cable break or similar did not lead to any result.

Is this problem known and is there a solution or anything I can check?

I’m having this EXACT same problem but using UGS and the pen plotter setup. It keeps halting for no apparent reason. I’ve looked and posted on Reddit and FB groups, but to no avail.

Have you had any luck?

The best solution I’ve come up with is speeding up the linear xy speed to 3000mm/min.

Hey, so in my case it was an Issue with the Setup using Lightburn on MacOS. I switched to a windows based computer and now everything works fine (in most cases). Therefore I think it’s more of an OS issue than a printer problem.