Two Months of Beautiful Printing Now a Bunch of Problems

Extruder one won’t turn when it moves past +/- 225mm on the x axis. Both extruders grinding through filament with no obvious clogs, new nozzles, adjusted tension and tried different types of filament. Filament is dry and dehydrated. The printer is freezing in mid print and unable to read the SD card at times. It will also randomly will not start prints. I tried flashing the firmware again. Any ideas would be appreciated. Been loving this printer and have probably put close to 500 hours of printing on it already.

There might be several problems:

  1. You may want to try an other SD-card formatted properly (FAT32, 4096 Bytes, max. 8 GByte) iot avoid reading problems that could ruin your prints.
  2. You may want to dismantle & clean up your extruders. If that grinding still remains you’ll need to unscrew the nozzle, align it with the heatbreak using the cleaning needle & screw it tightly.
  3. After changing/fixing the nozzles it is neccessary to adjust Z-offset & align both nozzles again.

Good luck!