Thermistor failed main board

hopefully someone can help me out on this one my Phil lament was sticking and not extruding so i pulled it apart but now when i turn on the machine it says Thermistor Error (Max/Min Temp)
! power cycle required! wrong values from the thermistor failed mainboard or damaged thermistor could be the causes. please check these component
lol does any one know how to fix this

It is a good idea to check the heating cables and thermistor wires of that extruder you took apart:

  • are the cables still in place with electrical contact to heater / thermistor?
  • is the insulation of the cables still intact & free of crossovers (short circuits)?
  • are the other ends of the cables still plugged in?
  • are the cables free of any metal parts (e.g. extruder / blower housing) squeezing them?

If all the above is O.K. then you might want to check the electrical resistance of the thermistor using a multimeter. It is described here.

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Good day Bjorne thanks for the reply I found the problem when I put it all back together I tightened the thermistor screw to tight :person_facepalming:t3:The design is not a good one but I found a good fix for the problem it’s on a Ender 3/cr-10 but it’s the same set up take a look I think it’s a great solution to a not so good designe :beers:
Ender 3/CR-10 Pinched Thermistor Lead Fix - YouTube