Temp Tower results with new SV06 plus


I did print an auto temp tower with cura (current version), using my new Sovol SV06 plus. I used standard cura profile for the SV06 plus “ad is”.

Observation 1:
Temperatures of 195 degrees Celsius and higher result in stringing.

Observation 2:
Across the whole covered temperature range, there is curled filament below all bridges. What is the main reason for that, and how can it be fixed?

Are there any useful changes to make for the Cura SV06 plus profile? It does not seem to be very good, judging from the print result…

Unfortunately, I cannot post photos here…

Tried to calibrate the e-steps also.
With the feed option, I wanted to extrude 100 mm of filament, but extrusion did not stop. After approx 200mm, I powered down the printer…

Just when switching on the printer, SPARKS (YES, SPARKS!) where coming from the on/off switch!

Stringing could be caused by over extrusion or your retraction settings. Try turning retraction on, 1-2mm should be alright. This will retract the filament before making a non printing move and may help.
As for over extrusion, you may need to do a set of extrusion tiles. It will print small tiles and adjust your extrusion % typically from 85-125 in 5% increments. Even if your esteps are correct, some filament may need individual adjustments.
For your sparking issue, if you’re comfortable trying to diagnose it yourself, you’ll have to unplug the machine and remove the power switch to see if there is any burn or arcing in the switch itself. I’ve seen several posts where others have had the switch fail and replacing them was the answer. If it’s not the switch, you might want to contact Sovol about replacing your psu under warranty, or order a replacement if you’re out of warranty. Do not open the psu if you aren’t even remotely familiar with electrical components, I’d hate for you to get shocked by accident!