T300 does not feed filament

Our T300 printer stopped working - no filament extrusion. We disassembly the extruder and had to manually clear clogged filament which was all over the extruder compartment. After assembly we still cannot extrude filament - extruder is working but maybe hotend is clogged ?

What type of filament (PLA?, PETG? other?) and what temperatures have you been printing it with?

Hi :slight_smile: We are printing mostly with PLA (silk) - hotend 230, bed 65. Many printings on T300 went without problems - but once it get stuck we are unable to make it print again :frowning:

Have you printed with filament that requires a higher temperature? If so, that could be stuck in the nozzle.

No - as I said we were using only PLA (different types) - when printer stuck we were using PLA from Creality - silk one.

Remove nozzle and hotend. I’m pretty sure they’ll be clogged.