SV07 Plus Error Messages

You can reflash the chip directly with an EMMC to usb adapter, there’s links to one in this post: MKS board inside

Had to do this myself after I stupidly bricked my printer a second time and even harder than the first. As far as I’m concerned “update” = “kill printer”

On the bright side I’ve gotten so much practice bringing it back from the dead I’m no longer worried about it happening again.

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Well well well

Morning gents

So, I have 2 6s and a 6+

The 7 I bought to mainly as a pre done Klipper I could operate without being an IT pro.

Very back burner

Its been fastener checked, squared, trammed, etc never been so much as plugged in

Been raining, and I though, fuck it, today!


Unclick reclick… Fuq
Check cord
Try another cord
Pull switch
Try another switch
Put my test plug direct to the black and red wires.

Nuthin. Stone cold nuthin

This chinese POS has been DOA on my bench for 6 months

On mine I had to change the voltage setting on the power supply. HTH

Thanks for that, got this one direct from the spinny wheel mainsite, so… Hidden fuse is good, btw.

before I bother to look, is it presented next to the mains port, little red slider inside a cutout

Or on the PS tucked away under a panel?

It would be a slide switch next to where the power cord plus into the power supply. NEVER hidden. It will say 110v and 2??V

Michael, 3pc, xtra gravy, xtra taters headed your way.

well call that a water valve cover level dum-dum
I had the motor mount all apart tryying to find an elegant way to get belt/bearing load paths aligned better. gave up, its to integrated, great mount, just missed the main param. never once checked the switch an inch away from my nose.

oem switch restored, well do a proper powerup when I get off the sim

Thank you Sir, I nearly started a ticket

When there is a problem, it’s usually something simple. Not unlike myself. :slight_smile:

Yes I know that issue well… change this, change that make it worse, scratch your head then realize it was the other, then try and back track… aw screw it start over again…. Lol