SV07 PLUS and laser

Hi All,
I just bought a SV07 PLUS, and accepted the proposed laser among the optional proposed. Only after the shipping from warehouse, I realised that the Laser engraver is not suitable for the SV07. Sovol3d proposed to ship it back to them, receiving a reimbursement, but the laser device gave a push to my decision to buy the set…so, I’d really find a solution to use it on the SV07.
Any suggestion on that?
Thanks for the assistance

I don’t have the laser module so I can’t confirm this, but it should be fairly easy to design and print a bracket that will let you mount the laser to the same backplate as the print head uses. you will need to find a way to breakout the ribbon cable. one option is to use the PCB from the print head but that means a bit more disassembly. another is to get one made, a small PCB like that would be fairly cheap and easy. luckily the laser seems to run on 24V so you can drive it from most of the pins in the ribbon cable, but I would recommend the heater pin since that will have the highest current capacity. the last part is Klipper, I have no idea how well Klipper supports lasers so you will have to do some more looking into that yourself.

(DISCLAMER: I do not have the laser module so all the advice here is based purely on a quick glance at the manual and product page. I don’t know if even the heater output can handle the power the laser module needs. double check everything I have said)

I reckon it’s not only a matter of bracket and power. The laser must be driven at proper power, based on material (paper, wood, fabric…) and task (cut, burn, etc). Furthermore the firmware should power the beam on and off to match the desired pattern… Cannot be on all the time.
I think the point is the Klipper not being open source, meanwhile the marlin Allows more changes.

Thanks for the help

do you know if this is a current controlled system or simply PWM?

this is no different to how it drives the heater, it isnt on all the time but cycles on and off to control temp

that is incorrect, klipper is just as open as marlin. in some ways its even more open because if a printer is using klipper then the config the manufacturers put on the printer is easy to access and change where as with marlin they may chose not to release that config. you can view the sorce code, open issues and make pull requests here GitHub - Klipper3d/klipper: Klipper is a 3d-printer firmware

i see no reason why, with the right config and gcode, klipper couldent support a laser, i just dont know if it is easy to do or if you would have to trick it (ie, set it up as an led and use gcode to turn the led on and off and change brightness)

I have no clue what kind of signal is used as interface to modulate the laser.
Pretty sure that the working logic is completely different from the heater (heater is probably a closed loop control with a PID driving a PWM). The laser must follow a cutting or a burning pattern, way different from the texture required by 3d printer hot head.
For the opensource check it out:

I think I will follow their suggestion to ship the laser back, even though it was as interesting as the printer…

im pretty sure the laser module is basicaly a fancy led, so driving it with PWM for power and just on/off for the pattern will work.

on the open source topic, that tabel is refering to the printer itself. eg, the 3d models for the parts and the electronics schematics etc. on the SV06 series these are all open source however they have not released those files for the SV07 series. the software running on the SV07/+ is however fully open source. it is not quite stock klipper however because klipper is pything it is trivial to compare the files on the printer to what is on the klipper github and see what sovol changed.

as for what you do with the laser, thats up to you

I think I will keep the laser and, having some programming skill, I will try to figure out how to make it working. If clipper is open and writtten in C, it could be feasible.
Wating to receive the printer and the laser, I will update the post if I get somewhere with this challenge!

Thanks for for the support