SV07 Missing hardware

I’m trying to assemble my brand new SV07 and the instructions on page 7 call for M3x8 screws to attach the extruder. There is no bag of M3x8 screws. I have a bag of M3x10 screws. Did sovol change their mind on the screws and not bother to update the documentation?

Also interesting that tags are required to create a new topic but they also haven’t gotten around to creating a sv07 tag.

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I have the same issue. Also the bags had the wrong step no.

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They have no QA, so all the screws are out of order. Just use the correct screws as per the manual. The bags aren’t in order. They are better off just labeling the screws in each bag as they are incorrect to the step 99% of the time.

Ditch the springs and hard mounts for $7 softer rubber ones off Amazon. One is shorter than the rest, I’m pretty sure it goes to either where the bed heater cable is or the top left corner. A quick search will give the answer .

Also, go on Printables, type Christian Vick, download the printer add-ons, and follow the text guide. Lots of improvements just from that.

Download the SV07 Oct 5th firmware upgrade on a UBS stick with no other files to reflash it if you brick the Klipper/machine. Just turn it off insert the USB, turn it back on, and wait for the reflash if you mess something up.