SV07 Double Sided PEI Plate

Hi Folks,

An important tip regarding the double sided PEI plate provided with the SV07 Plus - be sure to wash both sides with hand soap and warm water. This makes a massive difference in the way prints adhere to the surface.

Also, if you’re working during the day around the printer (so you can keep an eye on it), I recommend (through experience) that you allow the bed to heat soak to 90C for at least two 30 minute periods (non-printing). Also, my bed is around 8C off versus the thermistor reported temperature, so I set my bed around 5C warmer than the suggested temperature for the filament I’m using.

IIIDMax PLA+ is printing great in this printer. I got a really good looking 24 minute benchy at 200C nozzle and 65C bed.