SV06 ugly layer lines

Try using prusaslicer, i was having exactly the same issue with cura, i switched to prusa slicer using the mk3s profile and no problem any more!

I have the same problem.

One of the screw rods is bend but the sovol-support does not respond.


look at this: Extrusion Quality - Mystery issue resolved ! - YouTube

my extruder gears are bad and this video gave me the answer why!

There are lots of reasons to get layer lines and it is very understandable to get frustrated however there are some things to consider before you go claiming your hardware is bad. First thing is you need to do you due diligence with regards to tuning your printer. From the factory they are often not tuned perfectly and only running the most basic of setup in the gcode examples they provide you.

Since you have to assemble to some degree some printers, you should do a number of added steps to make sure you will get a good outcome. For instance when you mount the gantry to the frame you should not final tighten the screws, you want to tram the gantry up and down (yes turning the silly lead screws at the same time and make sure it can go up and down easily, if you want to do it less manually you can assemble it first but only lightly tighten the gantry screws to be stable then home the printer then manually via the knob run it up and down multiple times and finally bring it back down and then tighten it. This way the gantry can settle and you have no binding.

I suggest you go through the following tuning guide the voron users do for your print quality tuning, there is very good section in there on trouble shooting, but if you follow the guide from first layer testing, Pressure advance, and esteps tuning, and EM tuning you will be miles ahead from where your prints are out of the box. Then if you still have those lines you see in the OPs pics, go on to trouble shooting. I have found that after tuning the mandatory esteps, PA, EM and making sure your first layer z-offset is good, that just simple slicer changes will give you what you are looking for.

Pay close attention to the bulging section in troubleshooting one key setting in Cura and Prusa/SS slicers that helps with the layer lines is * Cura: “Wall Ordering” → “Outside To Inside”, and * PS/SS: external_perimeter_first.

I have found those settings on my Vorons to almost single handedly clear up 95% of those layer lines. It is the relationship between the inner infil and perimeters and outer perimeters. Also slow down your outside perimeters speed down to 50mm\s or slower. That cleans it up nicely too.

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