SV06 Sovol Klipper screen upgrade experience

The upgrade to the Sovol Klipper screen was straightforward, no difficulties. There is an update for the screen firmware on the Sovol website but you need to go to accessories and click on the Klipper screen listing to find the upgrade. My disappointment is that the filament sensor will not work with the Klipper screen. That is what Sovol customer support told me. SInce the SV07 has Klipper and a filament sensor hopefully a future firmware upgrade will correct this. I do not know if an SV06 Plus that has a factory installed filament sensor is subject to this issue.
The time to load a sliced file from Sovol Cura to the printer over wifi took a long time 15 minutes + for some files. I purchased an inexpensive wired lan to USB adapter from Amazon and plugged it into the Klipper screen. The screen recognized the adapter and the time to load a large g file from the slicer to the printer went from minutes to seconds using a wired lan connection. My printer is located a significant distance from my wifi router so others may not have the long data transmission time issue.
I have a Neptune 4 Klipper machine also. The Neptune is slightly faster than the SV06 but the quality of the prints is superior on the Sovol machine.
I am using the Sovol Cura slicer settings for the SV06 Klipper and they are very good.
I have the Nautilus 5015 part cooling fan mod and the 4020 adapter plate mod hot end mod on the machine also. After seeing what the Neptune had for cooling at Klipper speeds I thought that the stock 4010 fans on the SV06 might need some upgrading.

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