SV06 firmware compile

Hello there,

could someone explain me how to compile the firmware for the SV06? Or has a link for a tutorial? I have already read through several tutorials on the net, but somehow something always did not work. I am not very good in this field.
I need to add a runout sensors to my SV06’s. I noticed that the function is not activated in the configuration.h
Or does someone has a version with it activated?


The easiest way to do it is to clone the repository (or just download a copy) of the firmware from Github. Install Visual Studio Code (if you don’t already have it). Open Visual Studio Code and install the PlatformIO extension. You may need to close and re-open Visual Studio Code after that - it’s been a while, so I don’t remember if that extension requires a restart or not…

Once all of that is done, in Visual Studio Code, use File → Open Folder and open the Sovol SV06 firmware folder you downloaded from Github. It may take a minute for everything to load… Once everything is loaded, hit Shift+Command+P (if you’re on Mac) or Shift+Control+P (if you’re on Windows or Linux). Type PlatformIO and look for a command called “PlatformIO: Build”. Select that command and you should see the firmware start building in a terminal window at the bottom of VS Code. When it finishes, you should see a line close to the end of the output saying something like this:

Building .pio/build/STM32F103RET6_sovol_maple/firmware-20230114-220955.bin

You should be able to use that path to go grab the .bin file (note: that .pio folder is likely a hidden folder in your downloaded firmware folder, so if may have to view hidden files to see it), put it on an SD card, and flash your printer. PlatformIO has an upload command too that might work if you connect your computer directly to the SV06, but I didn’t try that so I’m not sure if it’s as simple as picking that command or if you need to do some additional steps (like finding the right serial port, etc).

Anyway, that’s not a tutorial by any means, but hopefully that’ll help a bit.

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Adam’s explanation is the same as what I did, and this video helped me through doing it:
There should be a little check mark at the bottom of VS Code to build.

There’s also a video by Sovol on how to flash the firmware:
IMPORTANT: The firmware won’t install on the printer if you don’t rename the build output to firmware.bin and have it as the only thing on the card.