SV04 main board usb fried

Connected an Raspberry Pi 4 to the printer to run OctoPrint. This was working 6 months ago just fine. Anyways, for whatever reason it killed the USB on the Pi 4 and fried the main board on the SV04. What recommendations might the community have?

Two thoughts:

  1. How did you narrow down the problem to the mainboard? Could be there any other reasons like the weak & cheap power supply unit. Maybe disconnecting all connectors except the display port from the mainboard and connecting it via USB to your PC could help to clarify.
  2. If there is still warranty on your SV04 asking for a replacement shouldn’t hurt.

I saw the sparks and smoke come from next to the USB port on the main board as I happened to have it flipped on its side. Everything was stock power supplies so it shouldn’t.

What a pity - it seems you’ll need a spare board from Sovol or a second hand SV04. If you are capable in repairing that SMD PCB you might find helpful information here.

hey thanks, this looks really helpful. The damage I saw was between the micro USB header and the CH340G.