SV04 Left Extruder Breaking Filament

Sovol SV04-Left extruder keeps breaking the filament. I’ve tried several different filaments; that is not the issue. It seems like it might be breaking because it is not advancing the filament.

I have had 20+ successful prints, then all of the sudden it started breaking the filament.
Any ideas?

at the best your filament has just missed the opening of the heatbreak: You may want to make sure that you have inserted the filament into the heatbreak correctly (rectilinear). This is sometimes a bit difficult depending on the curvature of the filament, bending the filament and cutting its edge in a 45° angle usually helps.
I not you’ll need to disassamle the extruder and have a look what happens to a string of filament pushed in the hot heatblock unit (wearing gloves may be a good idea…). If this does not work smoothly you need to remove heatbreak and nozzle & reassamble all again. After that you’ll need to re-calibrate your SV04.