SV 06: 7-day experiences: Sensor death / Extruder into bed

Just came to see the extruder seriously jammed into the printing bed, twisting the X-rods under the strain. Motor relentlessly pushing until I power cycled the printer and raised the gantry.

Closer inspection revealed:

  • The inductive sensor is not detecting anymore (the red light turns off upon detection).
  • I can’t say what damage the printer took

Subsequently, I have now come to learn how unreliable inductive sensors are. Unreliable due to temperature and humidity (yes!) as well as build quality. There is a reason Prusa has their “Super Pinda” sensor/probe.

Needless to say, I am not getting a response from the manufacturer (Sovol) on this.

What are your experiences?

Sorry for the late response. Could you pls email or contact Sovol3d on FB? We will help you

Thanks - yes, did so.
Last contact was 2023-01-05.