Suggestions for included tools

Anyone else confused as to why Sovol sends the SV06 with a palette knife instead of an actual scraper? It’s virtually useless when it comes to removing parts from the build plate because that’s not at all what this tool is meant for. None of the other printers I’ve had came with anything like this.

I guess I’m just curious about the thought process that led to this decision.

It seemed odd to me too, but it also works OK for me on anything other than single layer thick bits that are used to secure supports to the bed. That said, I found this thing from Printables is actually better than any scraper I’ve used for any of those really squished single layers:

:orange_circle: Ergonomic Round scraper (excellent in thin layers scraping), minimal filament consumption. by SH | Download free STL model |

Not sure what Sovol’s thinking was either way, but I guess it’s good there is something to use even if it’s not ideal. Parts largely seem to pop right off the build sheet though with a little flex so maybe they weren’t too concerned about it given it’s less of an issue on this printer (at least compared to other printers I’ve owned).