Sub directory SD reading

I received my SV04 yesterday and I’m quite suprised not to be able to access the sub-directory on my GCode SD card.
It works on my 10 years old 3D printer so I hope I only missing something …
Thanks for your help !

Hi Lorenz,
you may want try Brandon Phillips’ firmware release, which seems to solve that issue. I did not test it on my SV04, so far. You’ll find it here:
bphillips09 (Brandon Phillips) · GitHub)
The matching touchscreen firmware is also available there.


I just updated my touchscreen & printer firmware: It works!

Thanks a lot Bjoern for your reply !
I will install this update asap

It works fine !
I had quite a lot of trouble getting the screen updated (probably due to my SD card ?) but it works fine.
Next step, I will get rid of the noisy power supply and of the 2 extruder flat cables (which are never shown on SOVOL website …and I understand why). An order is on its way and I will give a feedback if this solution is better than the original one …