Squeaking noise

I have this new squeaking noise can’t really tell from where . It’s most likely the y movement though not sure which. I can move the platform back and forth with no noise so I assume it not from that. Its happens more often when starting a print. Upon further listening it sounds like its coming from the extruder more so then any place else.
Any thoughts?

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I’m getting the same on my sv06. Makes me wonder if there is a lubrication task for it.

After a week and a half on my 6 plus I’m starting to hear a squeak. It appears to happen when the y axis moves through a specific point just about at the middle. I lubricated the rods/bearings before printing.

I might have a solution.

  1. Remove the backplate from the printer
    There is a plastic plate covering the backside of the printer. I found that the squeaking sound went away with it. Sure, it comes with it, and it hides the screws, but that is all its doing. Id remove the front one too, but that would affect the belt tensioner.

  2. Put the printer on cement blocks
    To dampen the sound of the stepper motors the cement’s weight assists in reducing your surfaces ability to amplify the sound. there is a good video explaining this:

do you have an audio file of the sound?

Hope that helps

I had the same issue.

Along with the paving stone base on rubber dampening pads as linked by @HonSolo , I took apart the base and lubed all y axis bearings as per this video:

The lube handled the squeak, which began around the 3rd day of 20 hours prints, while the paver and rubber pads significantly reduced printing noise as the platform my printer was on was acting as a resonator.

Thanks for all the ideas. The sqeaking noise seem s to have gone away all on its own.
I did find that greasing helps alot. my MK3+ hotend woulf fail on x travel after only 4 months I tried every thing and nothing helped til I put some grease on the rods and problem went away. Magic!!!

your absolutely right. Mine did make this noise too. As befor start I tightened all screws and that backplate causes the problem. I had just to loosen the backplate and all noise was gone

Have you seen this video, he was successful in removing the x axis bearings

SV06 Plus Bearings - How to Lubricate and Change noisy x and y axis - Full disassembly guide. - YouTube

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Like a curse, I am also hearing squeaking sounds. I am suspecting the y axis belt tightening system. Will update after I put some lube there.

Edit, the screw holding the belt bearing was loose. No more squeaking.