Love the print quality on SV06 Plus but the sound is horrendous

The bed is making horrible noise. I have followed the advice on here. Greased it all up but its not made a difference at all. Its so bad I can hear it everywhere in the house.

Is this a common issue or am I doing something wrong here? Still new to this. I got this to do larger prints but there is no way I can leave this on overnight as it grinds and screams when printing. Its definatley the plate and the movement on the Y.

Please help, its driving me crazy. Thanks in advance.

Myself, I haven’t used grease…I have used sewing machine oil.
It’s thinner & it should get past the seals to lube the bearings.

I’m not sure if it will help you, you might have a bad bearing, but it might be worth a try.
Mine was never really loud, but they did get quieter after the 2nd oiling.
I did them one week apart for 3 weeks, now I do it once a month.

Thanks, I will do it again.

The grinding noise is grating. I have a video but can post it as I am new.

That’s shouldn’t be normal, but it is fairly common, unfortunately. Mine is so quiet that I sometimes have to turn around and look at it to verify it is still working. My fan and air purifier I have running in the room are louder than the printer.

You should grease the bearings. Don’t just put grease on the rails. The bearings have wipers to keep dust and dirt from getting in. They are also good at keeping grease from getting in. There are videos on youtube that can show you how to take them out to grease them. I use Super Lube Synthetic Multi-purpose grease. It is well suited for this application.

Did this and even replaced the bearing and its not better. Its the stepper motor and its can be heard downstairs is so bad.

Also had a blobbing issue last week. Managed to rescue it as I was there when it started but I am at my wits end with this printer. No trust in it at all now and support are no help.

Managed to clean it up and get it printing again but now I am getting another issue. My prints look good on the first layer but the are not adhering to the other lines.

I dont trust this thing at all now, bought it to do larger prints but I dont want to leave it on and the noise makes printing overnight a no no.

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Mine is quiet as a church mouse.

its just that it is also an unreliable, layer shifting POS

Have you any ability to diagnose any problem?
“ read all the posts, but I still can’t get this jumper over my ears…”

After temperature, cooling, and z offset, which are the first things I think of when I see lines not bonding, you might look at “Quality \ Initial layer line width”. I have it set to 150%. Or try “Material \ Initial layer flow”, maybe 125.

I didn’t see what material you are using. What are your settings for temp, cooling, z offset? And how do you set the z gap?