Loud Noise on the back motor

Hello guys can you please help this is new printer and its sounding very bad when priting. please see the video https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/983724290212003880/1166434241018613810/IMG_0368.mov?ex=654a798a&is=6538048a&hm=c05404b44302e47e1b5189058eda56a9c91716ab9450d61b5cd047719e39e21d&

can someone help how to sove this issue thank you

That just sounds like a mechanical resonance of the entire Y-axis mechanical system to me.

I have heard a similar noise on mine but only at very specific print speeds.

Try increasing or reducing your print speed a bit to avoid the resonance.

It could also be a lack of lubrication on the Y-axis guide rails.

Are you running Klipper on that ? That looks a lot faster than 150mm/sec.

If so have you done any resonance tuning in Klipper ?

I believe that one thing Klipper does if you have measured the mechanical resonances of the printer is to avoid moving the extruder back and forth at a rate that would trigger one of the resonances. (by deliberately going a bit slower or faster)

Another thing worth checking is the Y-axis belt tensioner pully bearing a the front - I’m having to get both my Y and X axis belt tensioner pulley bearings replaced. One is seized and the other is on the way.