Sovol Tutorial&Troubleshooting Source

Hi Sovolers!

Some users reflect that it’s hard to search for Sovol resources on the internet due to their being scattered around on different platforms. So here we collect and present all the Sovol video guides that might help troubleshoot your specific issues. If you also need further assistance or guidance on a particular issue, feel free to post your ideas by replying to this topic.

SV01 Pro

Thanks - good idea.

When will you be able to include troubleshooting and support resources for the SV05?

hi @Danabw Thank you for noticing that. Could we know what specific issues might need a tutorial to help resolve them? Normally we make and upload tutorial videos based on most users’ demands for guidance on troubleshooting issues from specific machines. Let us know your opinions and we’ll work on it. :grinning:

I think if you look at the key areas on other printers that are the most common areas of problems or confusion, those are usually going to cause similar issues on other printers. E.g., if you had to provide bed leveling/tramming help on your other printers it likely is needed on the SV05 as well.

After searching I found resources in the internet that helped me w/bed tramming and leveling to fix first layer/adhesion issues on my SV05. It would have been nice if I could have just come here to find that info already available.

I was just surprised that there was no content at all, frankly. It’s like the poor little SV05 is being ignored… :wink:

hi @Danabw Well noted, we’ll solicit the source for the SV05 at hand first and we’ll sync it later on Sovol here and on the Youtube channel Sovol Tech Support.

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Can you please add the sv07plus