SO-2, how to print labels from Python g-code

I am new (stupid), have a very specific application that I know my new SO-2 printer/plotter can do. I need to print sample and specimen numbers on 1x3" glass slides for microscope work. My current hand printing takes a lot of time, holding pen is difficult (arthritis) and my handwriting degrades (I’m old). I currently use a fine Sharpie for numbering. I have a tray of 20 slides which fits on printer/plotter bed perfectly. I can generate the G-Code with python (or excel) but cannot figure out how to load the code to the printer and print. I think part of the process is to translate G-Code to GRBL but how?
Thank you for ideas.
Dr. William Miller
Baker University

Have you tried downloading ugc (universal gcode sender)? That’s how I got my drawings done

However, lucky you, because of the task and the material you have, you could try engraving glass! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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ZeroPX, thanks for the reply. I have used ugc and gotten the SO-2 to print. My objective is to save massive amounts of time in my identification of microscopic animals which I already code through a Python Program while looking through the scope. Then I want to place the slide onto the tray and set it over on the printer and it prints the labels while I process more critters. Python generates my G-Code and I need it to run the SO-2 without other programs. And yes, engraving the numbers is then next step, I will be using an Arduino to run a conveyer to move the trays to a second SO-2 for engraving. I am also working on applying a Bar Code sticky label, and to put the slide into a storage box.

Dr. Miller