Small Islands - Mini war gaming terrain

Used a map tool to generate some STLs of islands/volcanoes in Hawaii with a ton of vertical exaggeration to use in a Golden Age of Piracy mini war game “Blood and Plunder”

Printed on my new SOV06+, Overture “Fossil Rock” filament.
Came out great, used 90% base settings, the only thing I changed was infill to 5% and speed to 90mm/s.
The rills in the side of the volcano look great.
Islands are Lanai (the big one) and Maui, the volcano Haleakala (inactive, the little one). I know they should be switched in size.

Also printed this rock formation from Thingiverse with the same filament and settings, love how it looks

When I get my pirate ships and crew together I’ll update with some new pictures.

Can only upload 1 image so trying to mix them together.