Shift in x and y during print like a zero change

These prints were done with Sovol V4 left extruder only. you can see in the first image what the part is supposed to look like, vs how it came out. In this image it seems to have shifted in X. Another print had these in orthogonal orientations and it also shifted if Y as well as X. Used sovol cura slicer, single 01. Any ideas?

(it did not come loose from the bed.)

Here’s the image that shows both x and y off. Again, the print did not come free from build plate - it was solid.

You asked for ideas:
Extruder shifts are a result of step losses. Some possible error sources might be:

  • obstrusions on print bed blocking the nozzle => check bed levelling & avoid warping issues (ensure proper fan cooling settings + use brim & print support);
  • mechanical problems => ensure that timing gears are fixed properly (check all grub screws on timing gears) + ensure that X-axis & Y-axis are clean & moving without obstacles + ensure correct grip of all eccentric rollers on X-/Y-axes;
  • timing belts not tight enough => check & ensure correct belt tension;
  • power supply problem => check constant PSU output voltage during print process
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Thank you! Sure appreciate the tips. Didn’t think about PS voltage…

Just doesn’t make sense…right extruder prints perfectly. Left extruder shifts after first couple of layers by almost an inch or so in both X AND Y. Y on extruder 2 was perfect. Checked belt, tightness of pulley for left extruder. all seems fine. Can print the calibration cube perfectly with left extruder, and also another part smaller than the cube. Printing just one of those on the left extruder worked fine as well.

Two thoughts:

  1. Prints from right nozzle could block the left nozzle - Did you check bed leveling is well aligned for both nozzles?
  2. Stepper motor power might be different between X1 and X2: Could be checked by measuring voltage on both coils of each stepper at the connector plugs. Adjustment should be feasible via the trimmer potentiometers of the corresponding TMC 2209 on mainboard.

Here you’ll find other possible causes & solutions for layer shift problems. You may want to try Z-hop/Z-lift & reducing print speed at first, that might be sufficient to solve that issue.

Besides from that: loosing steps on both X & Y-axis indicates a lack of torque which could be caused by PSU shortcomings.
Did you ever try holding the moving extruders & printbed by hand for testing if there is any significant difference in strength between the three stepper motors?