Second fan not working

Should the second fan on the side be running during printing? (PLA at 200°C)
If i change the fan it wokrs on the other position (nozzle)
when loading the PLA-filament its getting soft and can’t be transported to the nozzle.

You also check the connection on Mainboard? Maybe there is a wire not correct connected. By me both fans working

I checked the connections, all fine.
Today i measured the connections:
on the connection für the nozzle-fan i got 24 volts.
on the connection for the casing-fan i got 0 volts.
seems there is a connection broken on the board.

Looks like you from Germany or German speaking country the word "für ’ caught you.

Viel Erfolg bei deinem Problem da kann ich dir leider nicht weiterhelfen. Alles was mit Elektronik zu tun hat ausmessen und löten kann ich nicht und verstehe ich nicht

Ja, bin aus Öserreich.
Habe Sovol bereits zwecks Ersatz des Boards kontaktiert.