⭐ Printer profiles have been added for the SV07 and SV07 Plus to the One-Stop-Shop PrusaSlicer config bundle. ⭐

The bundle contains:

  • The Ellis Print Settings, the best print settings in the known universe (yes, even better than those found on Omicron Persei 8)
  • 3 different speed profiles (be careful people)
  • Pre-defined printer configurations for:
    • SV06
    • SV06 Plus
    • SV07
    • SV07 Plus
  • The bundle is ready to go for Klipper users; Marlin users will have to make adjustments to the start and end gcode (just copy and paste from whatever you’re using right now).

My thanks to all my users. :grin: :heart: :pray:t3:

Happy Holidays!:christmas_tree::fireworks: