Printer Beep Sound at the end of Print Job

I am trying to have my SV04 beep at me to alert me that the print job has been finished. I tried a few M300 commands placed in the End-GCode lines to try to get it to beep, but with no sucess. Perhaps im not entering the code in correctly, or my values arent supported on the SV04?

I have tried: M300 S4000 P200, with varying S and P values, and the line of code was placed after the “present print” command and before the commands to begin shutting dowm the extruder and heated bed, but not sucess.

Any thoughts on how to get it to beep at me to provide an alert that the print is done?

It is not a matter of given M300 parameters. Processing M300 gcode commands is not implemented in the SOVOL SV04 stock firmware. It will require altering the Marlin firmware to get your SV04 processing M300 gcode commands as desired.

@Bjoern - Thanks for the feedback, i greatly appreciate it. Do you know if there are instructions or links out there somewhere to perform such mods to the firmware for this and potentially other improvements over the stock Sovol firmware?

OK. That will be a huge pile of stuff…
Everthing about the Marlin firmware project is here. Details about building the Marlin firmware can be found in the “Install”-section. Marlin programming hints can be found in the “Help”-section.

There are several enthsiuasts that modify, improve and publish SV04 firmware & matching display software. Brandon Phillips, John Carlson & others like myself.

A quick & dirty way to solve your current problem is to redirect all buzzer sounds to the DGUS display buzzer. I published a SV04 Marlin Firmware with this feature here. It will need a matching display software that is available here.

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