Disable "Finish Print" Sequence After Printing?

I have the SV04 and am wondering if there is there a way, maybe via gcode command, to disable the Finish Print command after printing a job? Thanks.

Hi @urbnsr To disable the Finish Print command, you could download the source G-code at Firmware Download | Sovol3d and then change the Finish Print command.

Thanks @sovol3d I wondered about modifying the firmware, but I don’t mind the command when 3D printing, but thought it could be good to disable it only with the laser. It is kind of unsafe as the routine holds the final M107 hostage and the laser is still energized until the Finish Print prompt is acknowledged. For now, I issue a “M106 S0” just before the final M107. Thank you.

Thank you as well @urbnsr for bringing this to our attention. The information is delivered to the engineer. Should you have any other questions, pls feel free to message me at @sovol3d.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it very much.